How to identify fraudulent loans

Before choosing credits for companies it is important that you be careful and choose calmly. Take your time, look for different options and make sure your company is in the best moment for financing. Below we share some tips that will help you make the best decision and avoid possible fraud. To avoid fraud, the […]

The mortgage loan: duration and coverage of the loan

The mortgage loan is a type of loan aimed at buying a property, usually the first house, used as a principal residence. This is a loan that provides for the imposition of a mortgage on the property you intend to buy, a solution that allows the bank that provides the loan to protect itself in […]

Measures against the removal of loan registration

The Bureau Credit Registration (BKR) is taking steps against companies that claim that they can remove a credit registration at the BKR for a certain amount. Consumers unjustly pay a lot of money to companies that claim to be able to arrange this. The BKR therefore wants to protect consumers with these measures . Stricter […]

A quick emergency loan

When such an unexpected situation arises and we need extra cash, we can take a quick loan. Where will we get the money right away? A good loan should be above all fast. Anyone who once needed money from the hand knows that. Of course, it’s best to have your own savings that we can […]

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