What is the mortgage? Bank guarantee on the loan and foreclosure

What is the mortgage? If you have turned to the bank to apply for a loan to purchase a property, you will certainly be wondering about the operation of the mortgage loan which provides, in fact, the registration of a mortgage on the house you are buying. In a similar way to other procedures, such […]

The cost of a real estate loan

The costs associated with a real estate credit must be addressed by the borrower with the same energy as the negotiation of the interest rate itself. In fact, it often happens that the latter does not sufficiently discuss this aspect of the loan file with the bank, which increases the overall effective rate (TEG) and […]

First home loans – the complete guide to obtaining a mortgage

For the past several years in Italy there has been a law that guarantees tax breaks and deductions for all those who decide to take out a first home loan (also called a mortgage loan), thus saving on taxes such as VAT and registration tax. Another facilitation, no less important, is that linked to the […]

First home loan: discounts and discounts for young couples

The benefits on the first home loan are provided to facilitate the purchase of the first home of many families and consist of benefits and tax deductions. The first house is in fact a very important value for Italians and national legislation recognizes its importance by favoring its purchase. The most common tool to find […]

Mortgages: calculation of loans for public employees

Loans are low-interest mortgage loans that makes available to public, ministerial and state employees, should they request it. Mortgages are usually paid for transactions relating to the purchase of a property which must constitute, in the form and in substance, the first home of the applicant. The duration of this type of loan can be […]

The mortgage loan: duration and coverage of the loan

The mortgage loan is a type of loan aimed at buying a property, usually the first house, used as a principal residence. This is a loan that provides for the imposition of a mortgage on the property you intend to buy, a solution that allows the bank that provides the loan to protect itself in […]

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