Mortgages: calculation of loans for public employees

Loans are low-interest mortgage loans that makes available to public, ministerial and state employees, should they request it.

Loans are low-interest mortgage loans that makes available to public, ministerial and state employees, should they request it.

Mortgages are usually paid for transactions relating to the purchase of a property which must constitute, in the form and in substance, the first home of the applicant.
The duration of this type of loan can be variable and go from a minimum of 10 years to a maximum of 30, with interim five-year intervals. The maximum disbursement of capital can be 300,000 euros.

The beneficiaries can be exclusively the employees registered with this social security institution and who have a permanent employment contract.
In addition, pensioners can also have access to them, as long as they have been enrolled in the for at least three years and provided they have chosen to enroll in the Autonomous Unit of Credit Services, which is a common fund to which the institution draws for financing operations of this type.

To be entitled to this type of subsidized loan, the applicant must not in any way be the owner of any other home on the whole Italian territory. The only exception to this rule can be the fact that the recipient has received, in legitimate succession, a donation amounting to 50% or less of ownership of a property that is not usable as a dwelling.

The rates of loans are subsidized and are established by the Board of Directors of itself. Fixed rate mortgages apply a percentage of 3.75% for the entire duration of the loan; variable rate mortgages instead apply a percentage of 3.50% for the first year and subsequently, starting from the third installment, the rate is calculated taking into account the six-month recorded on 30 June and 31 December of the half-year previous one.

For the payment of the installments, then prepared the appropriate pre-printed bulletins that are delivered to the borrower. If these bulletins do not reach the borrower in time, he can use a normal bulletin to fill out, on which he must necessarily indicate the reference data of the loan and the reference period of the installment.

Considering the large number of requests received annually at , the institution draws up a ranking of those entitled who are published for fifteen days on the website and at the Provincial Office.

Any excluded persons may appeal against this ranking in the following month. The decision to accept or reject such appeals will be the responsibility of the Provincial Director. Any applications that are rejected can still be re-submitted in the following four months, without the obligation to provide the documentation again if there have been no significant changes in the requirements on which to base the request.

It is also possible to subrogate the loan with , switching from a traditional bank loan to with a saving of interest (since the rates are lower).